About Transparence

India’s largest architectural design competition, Transparence, is brought to you by Saint-Gobain Glass India, supported by Ethos.

Ethos focuses on networking students of architecture and civil engineering across the country on a common platform that would facilitate easy dissemination of information and help build confident professionals who have been awake to the external situation right from the time of joining the graduate programme. Our education, often cannot keep pace with the practical world and Ethos creates a means of ongoing education.

Ethos chooses to engage these young minds in some friendly competition as a means of achieving its aim. Ethos' flagship events - Archumen and Bending Moment are extremely popular as National Quizzes on Architecture and Civil Engineering respectively among the student fraternity. These contests give the students an opportunity to assess themselves against the best in the country.

Transparence 2014

"Regional winner of Transperance-2014" Credits goes to

  • 1. A.Mohammed Thowfik Ajmal
  • 2. N.Pragatheesh
  • 3. G.Priyadharshini from 3rd year

Transparence Southern Zone Winners

Mohammed Thowfik Ajmal, Pragadeesh And Priyadharshini From Prime College Of Architecture And Planning, Nagapattinam. They won Rs.18,000 cash award.

Results of Transparence 2014

8 Finalists From Among 250 Submissions; 2 Gruelling Rounds; 8 Fabulous Presentations To An Eminent Jury Comprising Ar.Sohrab Dalal, Ar.Sanjay Kanvinde And Ar.Rohit Saxena.

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