Any educational institution totally depends on many factors out of which the base for growth & development is the faculty. Of course faculties update their knowledge as well they have to renew their moral values. In order to fix themselves into the renewal groove development programs are conducted and monitored.

Workshop improves the practical application of their theoretical knowledge so that they get into the closed boundary of full fledges education.

Though case study is part of their curriculum care has been taken at all angles so that all the wards of the institution are given predominant importance. This enhances the exposure through the existing external studies.

As we know very well mental exercise are feed through curriculum & physical exercise are to be entertained among the students and faculties through various sports activities. These are conducted on routine schedule by giving vigorous training for the and vitality to sustain stamina.

Activities helps them to keep themselves to be more active and dynamic. Value based education is purely depending on the extracurricular activities and hence attention is being paid to the maximum for this.

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